"AXE Hammer" (Busse Combat Grade)


Designed to be as hard as its namesake. Made by Busse Combat Knife Company.

My introduction to Jerry Busse was a powerful yet subtle one. Shortly after Operation Red Wings' tragic close I received a package in the mail. Inside I found a beautiful blade. No fanfare, just two simple words and 5 stars engraved on its earth colored steel. “Never Forget *****”. The only note with it was from one of Matt's teammates, who is now one of my closest friends and brothers. It simply stated that there were 50 of these knives made and given to SDVT-1, the maker wanted me to have one, and he requested to remain anonymous.

I posted that knife above my desk for years. Next to it sat 5 heavy challenge coins. James Suh, Shane Patton, Dan Healy, Michael Murphy, and Matt. To the right of those lay a challenge coin for Danny Dietz, a team coin for the Night Stalkers, and a SEAL Team 10 coin.

Not a day goes by that those pieces do not give me strength.

A little more than two years ago I placed a call trying to find out who actually made that knife for us. I had been so overwhelmed with my own life that I had forgotten to thank whomever it was that had given us such a powerful symbol of remembrance.

“Busse made them,” a voice boomed from behind the speaker. So I made a call.

A year passed and my parents and I had been thinking about creating something to honor Matt. Something that would not only reflect his strengths, but that would also provide strength when needed. Matt was a pragmatist above most things. During a contemplative moment one day at my desk it came to me, “I wonder if Busse would be willing to design and build a knife for Matt?” So I made a second call.

We decided to do two knives. A limited Edition one that would be proud and reflect the life of Matt and his Brothers lost, and one that would be subtle, yet tenaciously strong, and meant to be used hard.

We decided to name the blade the “AXE Hammer”. A name that reflected both Matt’s nickname, given to him by his Teammates, and the manner in which the men fought that fateful day, dropping the hammer on our enemy with vengeance.

Combat Grade Axe Hammer specs

.170" Thick
1 1/2" Width
12 1/8" Overall Length
6 1/2 " Blade Length
Handle - Desert Storm
INFI Steel with Desert Sage coating

Busse Guarantee

Busse Knife Group is proud to have the toughest warranty in the industry.

All Busse Knife Group blades are guaranteed for life against any and all unintentional MAJOR damage. Your knife will either be repaired or replaced at our discretion.

Please note that aftermarket modifications done to your knife outside of our shop that cause your knife to fail may void your warranty.

Busse Knife Group encourages extreme usage of our blades as they are without question "The Toughest Knives in the World". We have no rivals. You can use a Busse Knife Group blade as hard as you like and our warranty has you covered.

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